About Me

I have loved books since infancy (I have pictures to prove it) and wanted to be a writer since elementary school. With homeschooling, my writing counted toward my grade. As the oldest of nine children, I never ran out of things to write about.

I love promoting fellow authors and in addition to writing more than 200 book reviews I am now working as a publicist for Marcher Lord Press. My current work in progress is a fantasy novel devoid of spells, talking animals, and hobbits. When Iím not reading or writing fiction, I enjoy surfing the web (I call it research), hanging out with friends, and studying Myers-Briggs typology.

Cloak and Dagger Fiction brings together the thrill of new places, whether in our world or another, and the disguises that hide our true selves. Stop by for reviews, writing info, and glimpses into the life of a fantasy geek who's learning to live authentically.

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