Blades of Betrayal On a mission to retrieve her country's greatest treasure, the Stone, noblewoman Karel Riordan is betrayed by a friend and forced to ally herself with an enemy –Tahir Nuriel, the son of her father's murderer. Struggling to complete her task, she discovers her betrayal is only the start of a conspiracy to overthrow her country's government. Stranded in a foreign land and pursued by soldiers both domestic and alien, will she be able to help in time?

Evergreen Secrets The last things Winter Randolph wants are reminders of her sister’s death - whether it’s the smell of Christmas trees, interaction with eight-year-olds, or a certain perceptive, annoying man at her new church. Rob Anderson knows Winter’s hurting, and his own past has taught him that keeping pain locked inside never helps. A Christmas gift program brings the two together to find the perfect job for a single mom, but explosive secrets threaten to ruin their tenuous friendship. Add a handsome guy who seems interested in Winter but hates Rob, a pair of mischievous twins, and a convicted kidnapper looking for work to this small Pennsylvanian town, and you can be sure this will be a holiday to remember.

Freedom’s Decision In New York City, where Tories and Patriots tentatively tolerate each other, Edmund Richardson never questions his family’s loyalty to the king of England – until he is challenged to get the other side’s point of view. He turns to the Continental soldiers occupying the city and befriends a young captain named Nathan Hale. Edmund’s old classmate Susannah Porter has problems of her own. Constant strain has weakened her eyes, and if she lets anyone know her father will force her to stop being his teaching assistant. She wants to do more for the Patriot cause, but her secret missions soon take on a sinister edge. With the Royal Navy arriving and America declaring her independence, the decisions these two friends make will change their lives – or end them.

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